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The impact of Covid 19 on children is increasingly going up as they try to come to terms with the sharp lifestyle changes experienced during the pandemic. This article highlights a few issues that have an impact on children’s mental health, especially during this time;


High cases of Anxiety

A spike in anxiety issues and related behavior among children saw them have out-of-character behavior during the pandemic. The inability to go out or socially interact with people made them highly anxious, exhibiting bouts of anger and restlessness.


Feeling of fear

Even with the set regulations that see schools practice social distancing and wearing masks, a lot of children are worried about getting the virus and spreading it to their loved ones. The feeling of fear is incredibly high on children living with older adults or those with underlying issues as they are afraid their interaction with others will see them put their lives in danger, negatively affecting their mental health.



Children across schools are battling depression as they deal with the effects of the pandemic directly or indirectly. Some have lost parents, loved ones, or friends to the deadly virus or are continually exposed to the statistic of people losing their lives to the virus.

This, coupled with the lack of enough facilities to help them process what is happening, has seen children plunge into depression as they try to understand what is happening. The lockdown also saw children stay away from school for months, and not interacting with others negatively took a toll on them.


Suicidal ideation and self-harm tendencies

Mental health among these ages is slowly becoming an epidemic within a pandemic. A compromised mental health state is likely to plunge a child into a cycle that makes them feel like life is meaningless. In a poll done by C.S Mott Children’s Hospital, 46% of parents reported their children showing suicidal tendencies. Suicidal ideas make children prone to trying to harm themselves as they witness their caregivers struggle to make ends meet or battle the deadly pandemic.



Covid 19 has negatively impacted the mental health of children across public and private states. Some exhibit symptoms of excessive fear and lack of interest in mingling with others, afraid that they may get infected. Parents and teachers thus have to play a significant role in helping children deal with the pandemic.