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Meditation is a practice known for helping people ease stress and reduce anxiety. While meditating looks simple enough, the truth is that many people struggle with finding ways to fit it into their schedules. Building meditation into a daily routine is possible by taking small steps that add up to making it a regular part of the day.

Practice Mindfulness During Daily Chores

Tying meditation to things that have to get done each day turns even mundane chores into something to look forward to doing. The best chores for mediation are the ones that don’t require much thought—meditating while folding clothes or washing dishes makes it possible to squeeze in a session that could last for quite a few minutes.

Take Two Deep Breaths Throughout the Day

Deep breathing is a valuable part of meditation that helps to refocus the mind and allow someone to make a connection to their body. Try to find a few times when taking two deep breaths is easy to think about, such as during regular events each day. For example, a person might take two breaths when they get in their car or after they hear a particular sound.

Use Transitions to Enter a Meditative State

Throughout the day, people experience many transitional moments that can benefit from them taking a brief pause. For instance, someone might choose to thoroughly soak up the moment when they walk into their house after work. Or, it may be possible to take a minute or two to meditate while waiting for the kids to get out of school.

Try a Walking Meditation

Meditation doesn’t always have to be done in a cross-legged position on the floor. Walking meditations are beneficial for providing a person with stimulation from their environment, making it easier to be mindful of the moment. Since a walking mediation can also be tied to exercise, it benefits both the body and the mind. This option also works well for people who struggle with sitting for long periods.

Eventually, most people will be able to work up to doing an entire mediation session each day. However, it is essential to remember that even small increments of mindfulness add to greater relaxation. As a final note, planning a meditation session to happen simultaneously each day helps to ensure that nothing else will get in the way of having the opportunity to relax.