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Across the world, many special needs organizations are dedicated to helping those with medical, mental and psychological disabilities. While many of these are local organizations that work individually in their community, there are also many national organizations that can help assist those with special needs and their families. Many of the following groups provide support, education, advice, and advocacy for special needs and offer helpful resources.

Parent to Parent USA (P2P USA)

This organization partners a parent with another who has a child with the same disability, allowing families to share information and provide emotional support. P2P USA is a great way to not only build support but also build relationships that can last a lifetime.

The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project

M.O.R.G.A.N. stands for Making Opportunities Reality Granting Assistance Nationwide. The project aids families who raise children with special needs. The M.O.R.G.A.N. Project also provides help with expenses for families who need to travel for medical treatment or purchase equipment that are not covered by insurance.

Family Voices

Providing tools to make important decisions, Family Voices aims to provide information and support for special needs families. Family Voices specializes in healthcare and education decisions that families need to make. The organization also helps families learn how to advocate for better policies and empower those with disabilities.

Disabled Sports USA

Founded by injured Vietnam War family veterans, Disabled Sports USA is an organization dedicated to playing sports and having fun. The organization is open to anyone who has a permanent disability and wants to play games but is unable to in a standard setting. Disabled Sports USA is an excellent resource for special needs children and youth who want to get involved and be a part of a team.

Special Olympics

One of the well-known special needs organization is Special Olympics, the world’s largest sports program for those with disabilities. This organization is similar to Disabled Sports USA because they also aim to help those with special needs to have fun, build courage, and improve both teamwork and communication. Check out this previous blog on how to get involved with Special Olympics.

Council for Exceptional Children

This organization is dedicated to improving special needs education. The Council of Exceptional Children advocates for proper governmental policies, provides professional development seminars and sets standards for those in the education history. This allows the group to improve those working with special needs children and thus enhances their educational support and development.

These are just five of the many organizations that aid in support for specials. To learn more, check out their individual websites.
Lisa Landman has a passion for helping others and has worked with special need adults throughout her career. Learn more about her professional workor check out her Twitter!