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Buying gifts for anyone can be a challenge, but it can be even more difficult if you are buying for special needs child. This guide offers ideas on what you can buy for your special needs family!


Arts and Crafts

Gifts that involved arts and crafts are always great ideas for children with special needs. Especially for children with ADD or ADHD, arts and crafts are excellent “fidget” gifts that keep them busy while engaging their brain. Playdough, chalk paint, silly putty, and easy-to-hold crayons are all perfect to help child engagement.

Personalized Gifts

Everyone loves customized presents, especially children with special needs. Personalizing a jersey, specializing a painting or creating a photo book are all great presents that children will enjoy. Personalized presents will make special needs children feel loved and provide a gift that will last forever.


Gifts that are interactive can both be fun and beneficial. For children with sensory processing disorders, interactive toys can help children calm down and focus their attention. Light up toys, sand tables, finger paint and mini trampolines all are options.


Technology is continuously advancing, and there are excellent tech gifts that will help your special needs child be engaged. However, before buying a technology present, be sure to consider if your child can easily use the gadget. Gifts that are hard to use may cause frustration, which is the opposite of what you want. A remote control car or airplane are two gift ideas that may engage your child with ease.


What’s a better gift than getting out of the house and having some fun? Special needs children love being able to explore and try new things. Presents that allow your child and family to experience new things will not only let them try new things, but it will also strengthen your family bond. Movie tickets, going to a museum, aquarium or zoo are all fantastic ideas.

Other Ideas

Other holiday gift ideas include a gardening kit, grip ball or a bowling set. A gardening kit is an excellent gift because it allows your child to gain responsibility for growing plants. A bowling set or grip ball are other great presents because they can provoke competition while enhancing motor skills.


Selecting a toy for a special needs child can be overwhelming. However this guide is made to help! Each child is different, so be sure to keep your child in mind when picking their holiday presents.


Lisa Landman has a passion for helping others and has worked with special need adults throughout her career. Learn more about her professional work or check out her Twitter!